Solving Maine's
Broadband Challenges.

Redzone Is An Industry Leader With A Mission To Close Maine’s Digital Divide.

Redzone provides fast, affordable, and reliable internet service to homes and businesses in more than 200 cities and towns and 20 island communities statewide, and it consistently earns one of the highest customer satisfaction scores of any ISP in Maine. Redzone has also engineered, operated, and managed primary and diverse Internet connectivity solutions for numerous organizations and businesses including Maine’s largest non-profit, and Maine’s largest law firm.

The company’s experience spans 15 years, and includes a number of pioneering first deployments of fixed wireless in Maine including LTE, 5G, Autonomous Mesh, and various proprietary technologies. Redzone’s network operates on FCC-licensed 2.5, 3.5, and 11 GHz spectrum and on unlicensed 2.4, 5.8, 24, 60, and 80 GHz wireless bands.

Redzone was recognized among the top 10 Internet Service Providers in the U.S. to watch by the industry publication Fierce Telecom.

Redzone Utilizes A Hybrid Network To Extend The Reach Of Fiber-Connected Towers Using Advanced Wireless Broadband Technology.

Our wireless internet service is more reliable than aerial fiber or cable. Green-energy back-up power systems at our sites will keep you online and connected through ice storms and power outages that can leave wired networks down for days.

We Are Mainers.

We are rooted in Maine values. We appreciate our customers, and as fellow-Mainers we understand the importance of integrity, transparency and hard work. Each one of our investors, leaders and staff members cherish their good fortune to work and play in such a beautiful and rural state


The leadership team, engineers and business development team collaborate to design reliable and robust networks for our Maine markets, and our tower climbers and technicians put the technology to work on the towers and in your home.

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and to troubleshoot your tech challenges, and their goal is to exceed your expectations every day.

Our sales and marketing team strives to build attractive and meaningful promotions, and our field marketing team is busy hosting community events and visiting face-to-face with Maine residents.

With teamwork and sincere effort, we have earned our top-notch reviews and 4.1 Google rating.

We Understand.

Maine residents have varied connectivity needs and we offer plans for both residential and business customers. Our rates are competitive, while accommodating the demographics of rural Maine residents.

We offer uncapped and market-specific high speed internet plans that are suitable for individual, family and small-business use which allows for seamless email distribution, streaming of movies and television, gaming, and video conferencing.

We can also serve as a great addition to your existing internet connection by providing continuity and a failover solution for those times that your regular service provider has an outage. When your service is down, your router will automatically and seamlessly switch over to your Redzone backup connection, ensuring that your internet service is always there when you need it.

Redzone builds custom wireless solutions for large enterprise, hospitality, and multi-tenant facilities. Redzone also builds and operates turnkey community-wide fixed wireless networks for cities and towns seeking to improve broadband coverage and affordability. Redzone's fixed wireless access network can be constructed in 1/5th the time and at 1/5th the cost of comparable fiber-to-the-premises.

We Break Boundaries.

Our high speed internet solutions are tailored to Maine’s varied terrain and rural townships.

We are the only Maine-owned and operated ISP that provides internet service in all 16 Maine counties, and we currently provide home broadband in over 200 Maine communities, covering 225,000 Maine households and more than 40,000 businesses across the state.

We are just getting started. Our team is constantly working to future-proof the reliability and availability of internet service throughout Maine. We routinely deploy 4G LTE and 5G technologies with non-line-of-sight service from our towers, and we are currently rolling out new and exciting next-generation equipment that provides our customers with download and upload speeds in excess of 500/100 Mbps.

Leadership With A Vision.

Future-proof broadband means broadband everywhere. Only wireless can do that.

At Redzone, we imagine a future without wires, and a future where gigabit internet is everywhere. That's our vision, and we are executing on it every day. We're pushing the boundaries of wireless technology, and delivering service further and faster with each passing day.

Why wireless? Because;

  • Unlike wired networks, wireless doesn't discriminate. Wireless frees us from the burden of a wire, so that our broadband connection can follow us anywhere we choose.
  • Wireless networks cost 80% less to build and operate than fiber-to-the-home, and those cost savings can be passed on to the consumer in the form of more affordable broadband.
  • Wireless can deliver gigabit performance without the wire.
  • Wireless has the lowest latency of any known technology.
  • Wireless is uniquely future-proof. It has the capability to deliver broadband to your future home BEFORE it is ever built.
  • Wireless is the very fabric of our digital lives, and we couldn't imagine life without it.

    The wireless revolution started over a century ago. The Redzone revolution starts now.

Community First. Always.

Redzone Prides Itself In Establishing
Community Relationships And Partnerships.

The following are just a few of the ways that Redzone has gone the extra mile to expand internet solutions or offer goodwill as a community partner.

  • We provide a complimentary internet connection to town Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Service Facilities that are located within Redzone’s service area.
  • We partnered with seven Maine animal shelters by highlighting their work on social media and supporting their needs through quarterly visits and donations.
  • We are actively involved in Chamber of Commerce events, town festivals and other locally-sponsored events.
  • We actively develop community partnerships to mutually promote local business efforts.
  • We participated in the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program—an FCC program created to help struggling households pay for their internet service during the pandemic. This program, renamed the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), now offers $30/month vouchers to eligible households and helps (as needed) to connect them to jobs, critical healthcare services and virtual classrooms. Apply for ACP
  • We work closely with municipalities to design and build broadband networks that provide town-wide internet service and coverage to all unserved and underserved locations in the community. We proudly participate in goodwill efforts that promote digital equity and inclusion.

Only good things to report! Unlike some other companies that raise your rates without letting you know until it's too late, my bills are always clear and itemized, I've not once had a problem. Redzone is extremely responsive, and any time I've had latency or slowness they've sorted it within 2bd. Their fantastic service had allowed me to WFH through the pandemic without any major impediment. Would recommend to anyone in Southern Maine!

John H. of Portland March 2021


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