Tailoring Internet Solutions to the Way You Live and Work

Redzone is an industry leader with a mission to provide reliable wireless internet connections for consumers who choose to be unbound from a wire.

Redzone was established in 2006 by former Navy submarine officer and telecommunications entrepreneur Jim McKenna. McKenna started the company as a team of three and a small wireless mesh network in Maine and has grown it to a large team of talented individuals serving thousands of customers on an advanced next-generation fixed wireless network. Redzone provides fast, affordable, and reliable fixed wireless internet service to homes and small businesses and portable/unbound solutions for remote and nomadic consumers.

Redzone has pioneered a number of first deployments of fixed wireless in Maine over the course of its 15-year operating history. The company uses an advanced suite of fiber optic and wireless broadband technologies to connect homes and businesses in remote, rural, and underserved areas to the internet. Redzone’s fiber & wireless hybrid network reaches remote locations in only one-fifth of the time and at only one-fifth of the cost of fiber alone.

Redzone was recognized among the top 10 Internet Service Providers in the U.S. to watch by the industry publication Fierce Telecom, and it consistently earns one of the highest customer satisfaction scores of any ISP in Maine. We are proud to offer our top-rated internet service nationwide.